Lighted house number signs -- LEDress horizontal style

LEDress lighted house numbers are available for sale online in six LED colors.

2 selectable display modes include running from dusk to dawn or always on.

Modern lighted house number signs provide instant information to 911 emergency

and delivery drivers; service personnel and first-time visitors to your place will appreciate them. Mostly, they just look cool.

This item will often ship next-day via Priority Mail; there is no sales tax and the shipping is free. Customers average getting LEDress in 5 days from receipt of payment, no need for eager do-it-yourselfers to wait for weeks.

LEDress is the only string of LED house numbers with as wide a selection of colors, styles, and display modes. Optional kits for mounting and wiring eliminate running to the store for more parts, making your purchase ready for installation.

You could "LED" your address, starting a "Street of LEDreams" on your block; it is also useful for home improvement, remodeling, and boosting curb appeal.

Canadian customers, please see the Canada Info page for ordering details. One-sixth of all orders come from Canada.

Decorative illuminated house numbers make a showy addition to existing homes,

new construction, and small businesses. These low-voltage units use far less power than light bulbs -- even fluorescents -- for lighting your address.

You help the whole neighborhood at night by using a lighted address sign, showing visitors if they have gone too far or not far enough down the road.

In the waning daylight of Autumn and Winter, an LED lighted house number sign has longer hours to be impressive and useful--it's like having colorful Holiday lights up all year.

Lighted address numbers -- LEDress vertical style