LEDress bear mascot ledress made in the USA

Single-unit order capped at $99 for certain horizontal models

When an order for a horizontal unit would cost $100 or more, such as certain 5-digit displays ordered with mounting or wiring kits, the online order form will automatically keep the price at $99. Total prices that add up to $99 or less remain as normal. Wire in excess of 25 feet will be extra. Express shipping is still extra. The discount does not apply to vertical displays. Mail-order customers take note or inquire first via email.

Canadian customers exchange rate sticker shock reduced

If ordering online using a Canadian postal code and paying with a credit card via PayPal, an exchange rate discount is applied. Discount is 20%. Even so, your CAD price will be higher than the USD numbers in the pricing tables. Your best deal is to mail a personal cheque in CAD using the USD pricing numbers. If shipping to certain mail-holding companies near the border with U.S. addresses, put that address in the blue Special Instructions order form area and put your Canada address in the Shipping Info area, otherwise a U.S. zip code will not trigger the discount.

U.S.: 8% discount for 3 or more units

See the Policies webpage for complete details. 8% discount for three or more displays ordered at the same time, same shipping address, U.S. orders only (Canada orders already get a larger discount). The order form is capable of totalling mulitple orders. Mail order customers take note of final total.

Wanted: A Customer From HI or UT

No orders have come from the states of Utah or Hawaii.

Twenty-five dollars off to the first customer from these locations.

This particular discount will be made as a partial refund of a PayPal payment for online orders, or a rebate check sent with the shipment for mail orders paid by check. You can pay the discount price initially if you send an email (see the Contact webpage) and wait for instructions before you place the order.